Custom Log Homes

Our custom log homes are built with a method called "Butt and Pass". We learned this method from the Log Home Builders Association when we took a class in 2004. Since then we have built two log homes in the colorado mountains. Both houses were designed by us and very little of the work was contracted out.
The Butt and Pass method creates a log home that uses the logs themselves to support the structure. When you walk into our homes the first thing you will notice are the extremely large logs that soar up to the ceilings and span the length of the house. All of our structure logs are at least 18" in diameter at the large end, oftentimes they are much larger then that. The logs used for the walls are at least 16" in diameter at the large end and they are not milled in anyway. We scrape the bark off of the logs leaving the beautiful colors and imperfections that these trees held in life. The result is one that you will not find anywhere else and it will take your breath away.
On average, a finished log home will cost the homeowner $200 per square foot to be built. Our log homes run about $100 per square foot and the equity that the homeowner will have in the house when we are done is more then you would ever have from purchasing a home that is already built. These log homes do not go up quickly. The last log home that we built was 2700 square feet and it took us a year to complete. I believe that they are more then worth the wait, especially if you are a true log home lover and want to feel like you are walking into a giant tree house everytime you come home.
Please take a look at the pictures and information of the two homes that we have built and contact us if you are interested in more information.