Cool Links ~ This is where we got our start. Sign up to take their class in Monroe Washington or just browse the huge amount of information on their website and forum for building your own log home. ~ My WebDesign companys website. ~ There are currently over 500 links to builders, manufacturers and dealers of log homes and cabins web sites and over 200 to log furniture and rustic furniture sites. There are also great informative articles, plus hundreds of links to other relevant sites. You can find everything you will need to build and furnish your dream home. ~ My sisters business. She makes all-natural soaps, lotions & balms for those of us who only want to use natural and pure ingredients on our skin. I have extremely sensitive skin and can only use her products to keep my skin clear. ~ A couple in Alaska that built a log cabin from scratch. Check out their site, its amazing what they go through to build a cabin on a gorgeous five acre piece of land. ~ A Colorado local that makes natural make-up products. All of her products are made with the finest ingredients and work wonderfully on sensitive skin.