About Us


Matt and I started Colorado Log Cabin in April 2004. Since then we have completed two log homes in the mountains of Colorado. We also do custom log stairs and railings, custom tile work, and other remodeling projects.

Colorado has alot of natural resources for logs. For the first log house we built, we got a contract with the forest service to go into a burn area from the hayman fire. We logged out the dead standing logs that had been burned in that fire and helped the forest service to clear a large area of national forest for reforestation.

We have also procured alot of our logs from areas west of us that are fighting the pine beetle epidemic. Many trees are being killed by these beetles and cutting them down is the only way to stop the spread.

Beetle kill logs have a beautiful blue coloring to them and are perfect for log stairs. Logs from a burn area have a golden shiny hue to them when the bark is removed and have little shrinkage to them because of how dried out they already are.

We have a ready supply of both types of logs for all of our projects. Please contact us for a quote on your project.